What is Health? ~ A Review of My perspective

‘Health is Wealth’ is an adage I agree with wholeheartedly. Health is composed of a number of what I call little gems or nuggets, a few of which do not even require money or extra expenses to achieve/maintain/accomplish.
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The views expressed here are my own and are based on research and personal experiences over a number of years.
Being involved in athletics and fitness all my life, the question of health became a topic of interest in my adult years, spanning the last ten to fifteen years. I found answers when I started incorporating what I deem to be Mindful Living - this takes into account several essential aspects of the human life, such as:
1. Movement, a daily regimen of a full workout~ daily exercise, length of time in a seated position versus standing (‘Sitting is the new smoking ‘) ~ Invest in a standing desk

2. Water intake:  This varies, and is dependent on level of activity, diet and temperature of environment, even more so than body weight. I strongly recommend a minimum of 3l per day of pure (distilled, spring, reverse osmosis) water per adult.

3. Number of hours of sleep and time of day this is achieved. Ensure to be asleep between 10pm and 2am, and arise fully rested without an alarm.

4. Diet: Food intake: The type of foods consumed and the time of day they are consumed are important factors to consider and practise.  I believe whole plant foods in their most natural form, which is from nature in their original state/untainted is what our bodies are effectively fueled, nourished and sustained by( organic, in season, local, fully ripened fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Eating Guidelines (Synopsis) late morning to early afternoon to ' break the fast '/ have breakfast is often optimal whilst culminating with a final before sunset and at least four (4) hours before bed is key. Mindful Eating is technique I developed, and regard as vital at all times. Masticate each bite of food a minimum of twenty five (25) times.

5. Incorporating wellness regimens in one’s life regularly is very essential. Some examples are: Daily Dry skin brushing, Enemas and/or Colonic cleanses, Daily cold showers, Frequent Far Infrared Sauna sessions, direct exposure to sun rays for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, Water and Dry Fasting Protocols, including the Master Fast Cleanse.

6.Declutter your life ~ Rid one’s space of material things/stuff of little to no value to self,  whilst incorporating pure and productive thoughts, stepping away from negative and toxic people, shedding the unwanted, opens up space for what we require. Communing daily with He whom sustains us, expressing gratitude for our many blessings bestowed upon us.
The pursuit of knowledge in the area of health is one requiring discernment, with the vast amount of information available. Source of information is one indicator as to the validity of the content for example. This is another means to employ scrutiny in unraveling truths from mistruths. As health is a holistic (involving the ' whole '), whatever one embraces must serve to nourish the body, mind, soul and spirit, in totality.

Despite many conventional ways of living and functioning, I believe in ' going against the grain ', if it means allowing oneself to thrive. Thriving is the premise on which I base my conclusions on the type of lifestyle most beneficial to adopt and adhere to. Moving everyday is essential, wherever possible, as we must be sure to keep the lymphatic system moving. Early to bed and early to rise lends for a healthy daily regimen once it is a consistent and thoughtful extension of mindful practices. The human body is a unique and resilient machine, created to function at peak performance. As custodians of these structures, it is our given responsibility to ensure, we do all that which is possible to operate in an optimal manner, in what is a far from ideal world.


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