The Clean Palate Club!

Join the Clean Palate Club!

No that isn’t a typo.  Join the Clean Palate Club!  Stop eating crap!!  It’s bad for you.  The high sodium content overworks your kidneys, the msg makes you want to eat when your stomach is already full, sugar makes you tired, it’s addictive, contributes to diabetes, makes your skin look bad, etc, etc, etc…


Some time ago there was a video circling the internet of Irish people eating some of our favorite American junk foods and snacks.  They were repulsed by it.  Their palates had not been cultivated to our terrible tastes.

This is a simple chopped salad with pumpkin seeds (I usually use sunflower seeds) and a homemade salad dressing.
Your body will naturally desire what it needs, if it’s not inundated with overly salty, sugary, fatty extreme tastes.  However, in Western Culture, we are walking around in what could be considered a giant test lab, eating processed junk that is full of high fructose corn syrup, msg, and harmful food coloring agents.  We crave it like addicts.  Because we are!  Food manufacturers knowingly use these additives
because are cheap, and because they actually cause us to crave more, and want to eat more!

Dairy is another culprit

Most of us (60 – 75%) of us are not able to properly digest dairy.  It causes most of us everything from bad gas to blotchy skin, to constipation (or diarrhea).  All mammalian milk contains casomorphins.  It exists to make an infant desire milk.  It’s MOTHER’S milk.  It’s why many of us are addicted to cheese!
I will always find it ironic that people laughed at me, or criticized me, because I had originally planned to nurse my daughter for 2 years.  We made it to 15 months.  I often regret not going longer with her but, honestly, the girl was starting to walk up to me and lift my shirt!  Or feel me up in public!!  I call daughter Baby Bam sometimes for a reason.  She’s strong!  And quite insistent!  Imagine how it was to shop with her at the supermarket, or at church when she wanted a snack.  I often thought I’d have to nurse her until she received her welcome letter from Hogwarts. Still I wish I’d figured things out, but I digress…

thanksgiving plate.jpg
My Thanksgiving Day plate.  Everything on it pained me to digest, except for the collard greens.  I’d been eating much cleaner for about six weeks, and simply couldn’t easily stomach certain foods anymore. I   Especially the macaroni and cheese.  Until that meal, I’d been feeling better for weeks. I never realized how often I felt bad until I started eating the right foods!

My point is that a woman will receive criticism for breastfeeding, or breastfeeding “too long”, but we think cow milk is good for us in middle school old.  Twenty-one years old…  Sixty-four years old….  It’s not.   In fact, it’s been shown in multiple recent studies that milk consumption can actually CAUSE osteoporosis - the main ailment we’re taught it prevents!!.  It’s so high in protein that it will draw calcium away from our bones.

One of the first things noticed when I cut way back on dairy, is that my skin cleared up in a couple of weeks.  I didn’t feel so bloated all the time.  That leads me to flour…

White flour has been stripped of all nutrients and vitamins.  It’s a pile of nothing worthwhile. Unbleached is bad enough, though it has more protein than bleached.  Bleached flour is full of chemicals – like chlorine and peroxide.

Sugar, oh my sugar…

Sugar is drug-like.  It’s highly, highly addictive. You might even experience withdrawal symptoms for a short while when you give it up (I trust you will try).  I’ll never forget the first time I let my son bite into a candy bar on Halloween when he was a year and half old (another parental mistake).  His eyes lit up like a thousand Christmases.  It seemed as if I could almost see something light up in his brain.  I wish I’d never introduced it and, at 5 years old, I am fighting the Sugar War on a daily basis.

Sugar, although probably not as harmful as high fructose corn syrup, still isn’t our friend.  Processing sugar depletes a lot of water, B vitamins and magnesium from our bodies.  It also makes us tired by creating insulin spikes – leading to “the sugar crash”.  If consumed too often that can wear our our insulin receptors, causing the body to underproduce it eventually – diabetes. It is believed by some that it may feed cancer cells, by causing acidity in the blood.

So, what happens if clean your palate?

Your cravings for salty, sugary and fattier foods decrease, your skin clears, your energy increases, you will sleep better, and your mood may even improve. There is an EXCELLENT chance of weight loss or belly fat loss.
Hippocrates famously quoted, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”  Food can make you feel better, but can also cause you to feel worse.

How do you clean your palate?

good food.jpg
Blueberries, strawberries, cauliflower, apples, tomatoes, pears and banana - A pile of yum!!

By eating the right foods!! There are several approaches.  You could use your blender to juice for a week or two, or “go raw” for a couple of weeks.  Even a combination of the two.  Some people do that successfully with no issues.  I have never made it beyond 3 days! I was often hungry and felt deprived.  
What I did find easier to was to simply to eat whole.  Meat-free, no leavened bread, no white pastas or rice (whole grain or brown only), no sugar or substitutes, nothing fried, no meat or meat products (like milk, eggs, etc), no caffeine in excess of 200-250 milligrams (can cause hunger in the long run), no more than 6 ounces of concentrated, canned, or bottled fruit juice a day and no processed foods. No alcohol!!  You might want to cry at the mere thought of no weekend wine, but you can do it.  I know you can.  I have faith in you!  It will take a about a day or so to see that you won’t get hungry, your cravings will probably abate in a few days, and you will feel  a lot better. Try this lifestyle for 3 or 4 weeks.  You won’t be sorry!!

In a couple of weeks you’ll see that you’ll actually crave fruit over candy.  Salty things will be too salty, and sugary things will be too sugary.  I can say that with confidence, because when doing this, I fell off the wagon (for one meal) after a couple of weeks.  Hey, progress, not perfection, right??  Besides, if you want the occasional treat, it’s probably fine for most. Not every week though!!.  It’s never good to feel deprived.  However, most of the time, it’s better to eat clean.

Give it some consideration.  Instead of going on a crash diet after the Holidays, resolve to simply eat cleaner.  Eat better.  That’s a much easier, psychologically less taxing lifestyle.  You won’t have to starve yourself.  You don’t have to live in fear of potatoes, bananas and pineapples, because of NATURALLY occurring sugars, that have not been concentrated.  Those foods are good for you!  You don’t need to count anything.  Except water consumption!  It’s always advisable to drink at least eight glasses of water daily.  However, I find that feel my best when drinking more than that.  
portabello mushroom.jpg
This was also full of yum.  It is a portabello mushroom cap, sauteed with onion, green pepper, and garlic.  It’s atop plain couscous.  I used small amount  salt and some other seasonings to help flavor.  Not much though!

There is absolutely nothing worthwhile to lose by trying. You’ll be amazed by how turned off you will become by junk food, and turned on, foods that are good for you!!

Enjoy the holidays!  

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