Ten Simple Nuggets To Start A Healthy Lifestyle

Ten Simple Nuggets To Start A Healthy Lifestyle

In my humble experience, through trial and error over a number of years, the saying ' Fitness is 80% diet; 20% exercise. ' has held true to form. And to compliment fitness, one's lifestyle must be in alignment with the exercise and diet. In summation, this looks like:

1. Movement
2. Communing with our Intercessor daily.
3. Diet ~ Fresh fruits and vegetables, if not in entirety, as many as possible, or introduce slowly, incorporating food combing guidelines.
4. Skin Brushing
5. Hydration
6. Elimination of chemical products, ' foods (packaged, cooked and even frozen) ’, commercial deos, shampoos, cleaning agents, perfumes, and the like.
7. Colonics, enemas.
8. Dry Far Infrared Sauna sessions.
9. Fasting: water, dry.
10. Reducing to elimination of Stress.

1. Movement

The necessity of some form of exercise daily is a given, ' sitting is the new smoking ' applies without a shadow of a doubt. Based on recent studies, the evidence is clear. Cardio workouts are simple and easy: A 30- 60 minute brisk walk or run, is often good to start with, if possible in some sunshine outdoors in the morning hours.  Incorporating other forms of movement is quite easy - squatting every 30 mins whilst sitting for extended periods is another good practice to adopt. Parking farthest from your destination point is another way to clock those steps in.

2. Communing with our Intercessor daily.
   Spending time in the Word and abiding in God’s presence is a sure fire way to stay on track, and ensure we are                      
   open to His guidance.
3. Diet:

It is my overwhelmingly conviction that the absolute OPTIMAL way to eat is: As human’s makeup is that of a frugivore, or primarily so. Detail comparison of the teeth and intestinal/digestive make up point to this evidence (l will elaborate on this in another article), I therefore recommend that this diet be one of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in their raw/live natural state.

4. Skin Brushing:

Employ DAILY in the correct way (a 7-10 minute regimen) to improve circulation and skin toning. There are many tutorials to help with this practice, but only few are truly effective. Much care should therefore be exercised in this endeavour.

5. Hydration:

The minimum intake( room temperature) of any pure water ( Distilled, Reverse Osmosis and Spring ), is what I have found most effective, and tremendously essential, once sipped between meals and had within a 24 hour period.

6. Elimination of Chemical Products:

With the growing awareness of how chemically toxic most if not all hair products , deodorants, toothpastes  laundry detergent, cleansers and other personal care products are, it is wisest to find the most natural, and safe products now available almost everywhere. An alternative is to make your very own- I have found this to be even more cost effective.

7. Colonics and Enemas:

Colonics also known as Colon Irrigation, as do enemas, serve a great role in eliminating unwanted intestinal and colon buildup when employed properly. The former has to be administered by a trained professional, whilst the latter is an easy at-home procedure.

8. Dry Far Infrared Radiation(FIR) Sauna:

This is a very relaxing and effective means of experiencing toxin removal at a cellular level with exit through the pores of the largest organ ~ the skin, as well as trough urination.

9. Fasting: water, dry.

Both Water and Dry Fasting are effective modalities which aid the body to heal and recuperate. Supervision is recommended for persons new to these modalities.

10. Reducing to elimination of Stress.

Stress is a killer’, and this is a certainty. The statics are resounding on this. Whatever may be the cause of any undue stress must be eliminated, and activities which are tension relieving, incorporated as often as possible. Some examples are: Swimming, running, walking, spending quality time with good friends, reading, getting away for the weekend for some ‘me’time.

It goes without saying that these are tips given in their most skeleton form, and it is therefore recommended that further information be sought before employing this Health and Fitness is a wholistic/holistic approach. 


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