Natural Spot Flea Treatment For Dogs and Cats Recipe and Review

Hey guys, I wanted to talk about a natural flea spot treatment that has been a lifesaver! Recently my fur babies caught a case of the fleas, all three of them. As anyone who has pets know, if one of your animals get them next thing you know all of them have fleas. I have not found a completely natural treatments for fleas that works to replace the traditional ones(if you know of one, help a girl out and leave it in the comments!) so we still buy the chemical stuff from the store.

Even though the chemical stuff helped a lot, I still noticed that my dogs and cat were scratching a lot at the base of their tails and ears. It was making them uncomfortable and I really just wanted to do anything I could to help make them feel better.

When I worked at a preschool I learned that you can put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on your scalp to help keep lice away. Not only did this trick work beautifully, it smelled wonderful. It also saved my butt on multiple occasions. I made it through 4 different “lice attacks” without getting infected. I thought there had to be some similar trick for fleas.

So, I went to Google and found that peppermint essential oil and lemongrass essential oil would help repel fleas and it was safe for dogs and cats. Then I found of you mixed with coconut oil you could make a spot treatment that you applied to the spots where your pet was itching.

I immediately jumped into action. I spooned to olive oil into a mason jar and put it in a bowl of warm water to melt it so I could mix in the essential oil. I decided to use peppermint essential oil because I am running low on lemongrass essential oil. If you want to see the set I buy, click on the photo of essential oils at the bottom of the post!

Overall, this worked really well. To apply it I simply took a bit out of the jar with my finger (a little goes a long way!), rubbed it between the palm of my hands until it liquefied. Then I rubbed it on the part of the animal's body that was itching. Because this spot treatment is completely natural and does not have any chemicals in it, it needs to be applied a few times a day. This was the only downside to this. There were plenty of upsides like, all of my fur babies smelled wonderful, it made their fur nice and soft, most importantly it cured the itching! This is a great thing I can make with things that I have laying around the home to help make my fur babies life a little better. Plus it is completely safe to use with their regular flea treatment.

**Please be very careful with what you put on your cart. They are very sensitive to smells, ointments, and chemicals. It does not take much to throw them out of balance!**

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  • 1/10 Lemongrass or Peppermint essential oil (I used peppermint essential oil)
  • 9/10 Coconut Oil

  1. Melt the coconut oil so that it is liquid
  2. Add in essential oil
  3. Mix it up
  4. Store in airtight container (I used a mason jar)


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