Following A Raw Vegan Diet on a Budget


The endeavour to lead an all raw vegan lifestyle can seem overwhelming to many. The overriding reason being that of food, not only from the ' What will I eat? ‘aspect, but moreover,  ' How will I afford this? ‘, and 'How much do I need to eat? "

Let us address the most difficult to wrap ones mind around: Buying fresh produce without breaking the bank account. There are some fundamental things to bear in mind, put into practice and execute, which will often lead to wise choices which only benefit individuals on this journey. Here are a few:

1. Small Organic Farmers.

Get to know your local farmers: ~ moreso the truly organic farmers. By doing this, oftentimes than not, the individual sourcing directly from them will be  awarded lower prices, gaining from the direct supplier,  particularly if you can rally a team of purchasers who wish to purchase in bulk. Additionally, some farmers welcome additional harvesting hands in exchange for free/no cost, or at  drastically reduced prices on produce of your selection. This is a sure way to ensure that you not only eat locally grown fruits and vegetables of known quality, you are also ensuring you eat in season fruits and vegetables. In season foods are the most nutrient dense provided they are harvested at the optimum time and had when fresh.

2. Farmers' Market.

Local Farmers' markets are excellent places to: (a). Get to know your local farmers personally and (b). Source quality produce at generally reasonable prices, mainly because buying directly from the farmer means little to no markups as you would be subject to at a store, shop or supermarket.

Establishing a relationship with these farmers is also a good way to secure repeated bargains with consistent take offs.  Organic is the way to buy and eat, as well as the only way to know if you are spending your money wisely. Find out which entities are monitoring their operations to hold them accountable to the required standards and practices.

Organic produce is not only free of herbicides and pesticides; they are more likely to offer more nutrients from being nourished in nutrient dense soil and not be hazardous to the human organs as their GMO counterparts.

3. CSA: Community Supported Agriculture:

This is an alternative, locally based economic model of agriculture whereby associations of individuals or networks pledge to support one or more local farms, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

This is an excellent way to secure produce of quality and quantity by becoming a part of one in your area, or better yet, starting one of your own.

4. Co-Op:

This is an Agriculture Cooperative which is simply a cooperative where farmers pool their resources in certain areas of activity. This lends to lower production and labour costs and thus lower produce costs. These farmers are generally a part of a credit cooperative, which is a major plus for them and by extrapolation, their purchases as well.

Find one near you, and your expense on food will be significantly reduced.

5. Grow your own:

Growing your own food is not as difficult as it may sound. Vertical gardens are great for maximizing on volume in mall spaces. If you have land, prepare sections of it to plant your own plant foods. Sourcing organic and organic heirloom seeds is quite easy: Check online for reputable suppliers as well as get or purchase from your local organic farmers.

6. Buy in bulk:

Whether you are single or have a family, buying in bulk is a highly recommended option. Increase storage space at home, cold and dry. Some fruits such as bananas, plantains, persimmons, jackfruit will ripen at room temperature. Though not my preferred option for fresh produce, stores and supermarkets often have great deals on bulk produce in season. Take advantage of these deals and stock up!

6.  'Ugly fruit

Many supermarkets, and some restaurants dispose of properly ripened fruits, and or organic fruits which do not look ' pretty '; these are the perfect food for us frugivores. Scout out the locations which would happily hand them to you at no charge or for very little.  Now, you are all set ~ Enjoy  the bounty.



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