The Ways People Are Willingly Ignorant About Their Food

Hey guys, I wanted to touch on something that came to mind this morning. A few years ago I was in culinary school. While there I took a sanitation class to get certified to take care of the sanitation in a restaurant. It is a certification that most states require there be at least one person with the certification in the restaurant at all times. While in this class, I learned a lot about the gross things that happens in restaurants. We learned about the worst of the worst and how to spot things that could mean there was a bigger issue. One of the many resources I got from that class was how to check what the health scores were and what violations the restaurant received. Unfortunately, I can not find this website anymore to share with you.

At the time I would look up all of the restaurants I visited a lot to see what scores they got and why. The reason it was important to see why because one violation could be not hanging up the mops after they are used and another could be keeping raw meat above fresh vegetables. Both of these things would show up as a hit ad deduct from the overall number. One I don’t really care about the other I care about a lot. Not only as a vegetarian but the food born illness you can get just by consuming the juices of a raw animal is crazy.

After finding out this information I would share it with my family and friends because who wouldn’t want to know about what happens around the food that they are putting inside of their body. When I tried to share this information with family and friends they would ask me not to tell them because it would ruin their favorite foods for them. Mind you, this was not one person, but every single person that was in my life. Every person I spoke to on a regular basis had the same exact reaction. Have you encountered or experienced anything like this? Share in the comments below, let me know I am not alone in this!

At this point, I am sure you are wondering how any of this relates to the topics we talk about on this blog. Well here it is, this morning while laying in bed it came to me. This is the same exact attitude people have towards how animals are treated. People are willingly ignorant about what happens to their food in order for it to get to their plates. If we were being completely honest, and right now we are, if they opened their eyes to what was going on they would go Vegetarian or at least stop eating as much meat.

People put blinders up to this information. It is not that it is not available, it is not that it is not delivered to them on a silver platter. They just do not want to hear it. It is even to the point that if you attempt to educate someone on these things they start saying that you are crazy and a tree hugger or whatever other insults they come up in with that moment. It is insane the number of times I have heardWell you know those videos are making it seem worse than it really is right? or Well that is the worst of the worst. Not all animals are treated like that.

How do the know? Unfortunately, you can not easily find a score saying how well a factory treats their animals. The lawmakers have neglected them and the only way to do anything about this is to keep on talking about it. Make people bring down their blinders educate them on what havoc is going on in the world because of factory farming and agriculture. Share this post on your social media pages, in groups, with your friends and families. Let’s work on getting the word out there. This can no longer be ignored.


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