Beauty Standards

When was the last time someone called you beautiful? Were they looking in your eyes? Staring lustily at your mouth? Perusing your body like they were looking at Sunday dinner and deciding where to start first? Being beautiful means different things to different people. One thing holds true though, you never see yourself as honestly as others can see you. Women are too critical on themselves and their appearance. No one can see that your one tooth is a little crooked, or that your nose never healed perfectly straight. 

Models are tall goddesses without a single ounce of body fat. They are perfectly proportionate. Curvy, but not too much. They have that thick long hair that is begging to have a hand run through it. Full lips, piercing eyes, fair even skin. Models are the goals that most young girls strive to meet. They are graceful, poised, and seemingly without flaws; the epitome of european beauty standards. They are the women that are seen as the most beautiful leaving most others feeling sub par and incomparable.

A few women such as Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell and more recently models such as Andreja Pejic, Erika Linder, and Chantelle Brown-Young have been challenging the beauty standards that have reigned over our beauty industry for too long. Even if they didn’t have perfectly unblemished skin, gained weight, or pushed the gender spectrum; these women dared to say that they were beautiful as they are.

Most models are between 5’8” and 5’11” and weigh in between 108lb. and 130lb. This leaves young girls with perception that in order to beautiful and desirable they must be skinny. 35-57% of adolescent girls try losing weight by dieting, fasting, self-induced vomiting, or abusing diet pills and laxatives ( 

The average clothing size of the American women is a size 16; yet models, the love interests in romantic comedies, dancers, etc. are all represented by women who are usually a size 6 and below. For young girls there is not representation of reality. Women such as Ashley Graham, Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, and Melissa McCarthy are showing young girls that they can still be beautiful and sexy. These women refuse to let anyone force them to lose weight so that others will find them more attractive. 

When you have reached the end of your day’s it isn’t going to matter how beautiful you were, but how loved you were, how many people’s hearts you touched, if you helped changed the world. No one is going to remember how many Instagram likes you got on a selfie, but if you were kind and worked to help people who couldn’t help themselves. There are much worse things to be than not being considered beautiful.

Your body is beautiful simply for being yours. It is strong and powerful. Every day your body endures more than it had the time before and it continues to endure. You only ever get one body. 


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